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File: EoUI10-09-12
I had to reinstall your UI tonight...
Posted By: Zazzles
I had to reinstall your UI tonight because I had to do a total system wipe, and it was working fine before, but now I have these green bars. Any idea? All I changed was I deleted skada and grid, and added NPC scan, DBM, recount, omen, altoholic, atlas loot, easymail, and gogo mount. http://i47.tinypic.com/felbte.jpg
File: EoUI09-20-12
Weird box out of place
Posted By: Zazzles
First off...amazing update from the original UI you had that looked like this (believe it was riotui). Now, on to my question. Down where skada is, and it seems to just be on my druid, there's a weird, light gray box. Any idea on what it is and how I could get rid of it? Thanks! :) http://i49.tinypic.com/bydcn.jpg
File: FictionalUI09-18-12
So much green!
Posted By: Zazzles
Any idea as to why EVERYTHING is green? haha http://i46.tinypic.com/24eywqp.jpg
File: EoUI03-04-12
me again!
Posted By: Zazzles
hi there, had one more question....i can't ever set focus and i was wondering why not. is there anything i need to do?
File: EoUI02-11-12
Cast bar
Posted By: Zazzles
How would I move the cast bar? Thanks! :p