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File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]07-14-14
Login & Char Select
Posted By: Rehok
Hi Love the texture pack, Just wondering if you are going to be updating it to skin for the "Shop" button and this is a query The box that appears when it says "Connecting" is it possible to skin that whole box?
File: MayronUI Gen412-31-12
Chat not working!
Posted By: Rehok
Hello, firstly love the UI but the chat doesnt seem to be working nothing appears in it and i cant even see what i type into it any way to fix this i have tried disabling PhanxChat but it still doesnt work
File: oUF Phanx12-30-12
HP Value
Posted By: Rehok
Love the unit frames but i was wondering how would you add Current HP of the target so it ends up appearing something like this 21.5M | 100% 20M | 98% Like that if you can and also the aura for Serpent Sting debuff doesnt appear on the target frame
File: ElenIU12-17-12
Great UI love it, but i got one pro...
Posted By: Rehok
Great UI love it, but i got one problem there are DoT Timers and i cant seem to find any options to move them, where can i move them? and how do i Bartender 4 show Shift+Mousewheel Down to be SWD? without adjusting the scale?
File: Frantik's UI12-16-12
Great UI love it, but got a few que...
Posted By: Rehok
Great UI love it, but got a few questions how do i move the action bars/add more and move the castbar?