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Version 4.8 is ready for WoW 6.1
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Possible issues with instance and battleground events
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WoD - ready
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The new WoD AddOn system may have changed event timing, so the RealID friends list is not populating. Will fix.
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RealID (Battle.Net) friends added t...
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RealID (Battle.Net) friends added to friends droplist for cross-realm chat
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New sound "picker" makes using built-in WoW sounds easy
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Ready for Pandaria!
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OMG, so sorry, I haven't checked-in in a while (been working on an HTML5 game). I must have left the debug info on in my last upload -- my bad. Also, patch 5.0.4 has broken a few API calls (including options panel), so there is a new version up now!
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Version 3.2 update
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¡En la actualidad se localiza en español, francés, alemán, portugués e italiano! :) It is now localized for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian!