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File: ChatLoot01-25-15
Re: Update Needed
Posted By: Phoenix250
Great addon, but it doesn't show up in my chat window anymore. 5.4.2 broke it I believe as it worked before that. I haven't commented since, waiting for it to get an update. Its been over a year since I found this on the front page as the 'Weekly Pick'. Sad to see it hasn't been touched since. This was so much nicer than Bli...
File: Clean Icons - Thin08-04-13
http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tra...
Posted By: Phoenix250
http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tracking_WildPet.blp Also have this, as well in the Crisp pack Version: 5.3.0 Build (17128) When i removed Tracking_WildPet.blp from the icons folder the paw was restored.
File: Clean Icons - Crisp08-03-13
Pet Battles Icon
Posted By: Phoenix250
The Pet Battle icon (Green paw) from the pet battle combat log tab that appears in the chat, shows as green square. Version: 5.3.0 Build (17128) Edit: When i removed Tracking_WildPet.blp from the icons folder the paw was restored. Also happens to Thin pack.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-11-12
Re: pvp timer?
Posted By: Phoenix250
if i remember correctly, x-perl used to have a timer for your PvP flag. i seemed to have lost that now and whenever i port back to a city from pvp it just has the icon. i remember there used to a timer. EDIT: Nvm, i figured out why, i had one of those Venture Co. Daily PvP quests still in my log. lol:p I have this too. Did you...
File: AtlasLoot_Source04-08-12
Any updates on the "Crafting Info"...
Posted By: Phoenix250
Any updates on the "Crafting Info" bug? I want to know which profession items come from but not the crafting materials. However disabling the option does not last through a /reload.
File: AtlasLoot_Source03-06-12
I tried disabling the "Crafting Inf...
Posted By: Phoenix250
I tried disabling the "Crafting Info" option for the tooltip but after a /reload or game restart the option re-enables by itself. Thanks for awesome addon anyway :)