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File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Fun Update08-06-16
Threat system colors don't seem to...
Posted By: Phoenix250
Threat system colors don't seem to work. Alpha and scale for high threat work just fine but would like the health bar to change color according to threat. Is it just me or could you fix it? Thanks anyway :) I also have these issues. Regardless, thank you for updating this awesome addon!
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
Thanks for the update!!! \o/ On...
Posted By: Phoenix250
Thanks for the update!!! \o/ On the topic below: I was using Photoshop CC 2015. I've tested the script before running the batch and it was definitely closing the file after finishing. I haven't tried since doing my small update of icons for 6.2.4 but I would expect the same results. I just don't know why.
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
@Greevir Did you encounter any i...
Posted By: Phoenix250
@Greevir Did you encounter any issue with PS freezing/hanging/crashing when doing batch icon mods? It's the only thing preventing me from doing them myself.
File: Clean Icons - Thin06-05-16
6.2.4 Update
Posted By: Phoenix250
Ok so I've run into quite a few issues with PS. The batch action causes PS to freeze/hang/crash/burn so I was unable to process all the icons. In the end I resulted in finding the added new icons by comparing my new export with my current ICONS folder. This way I could isolate all the ADDED icons but not the CHANGED because the c...
File: Clean Icons - Thin06-04-16
Please do 'inv_moosemount' in the n...
Posted By: Phoenix250
Please do 'inv_moosemount' in the next batch. Can't live without your textures/mod! Thanks a ton! I'm attempting to format the icons from the latest (6.2.4) build right now. Not sure if I will manage to do them right though, since I've nearly never used PS before. I've also asked suicidalkatt for permission to fork the pack...
File: ChatLoot01-25-15
Re: Update Needed
Posted By: Phoenix250
Great addon, but it doesn't show up in my chat window anymore. 5.4.2 broke it I believe as it worked before that. I haven't commented since, waiting for it to get an update. Its been over a year since I found this on the front page as the 'Weekly Pick'. Sad to see it hasn't been touched since. This was so much nicer than Bli...
File: Clean Icons - Thin08-04-13
http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tra...
Posted By: Phoenix250
http://i.imgur.com/TQgQ4p8.jpg Tracking_WildPet.blp Also have this, as well in the Crisp pack Version: 5.3.0 Build (17128) When i removed Tracking_WildPet.blp from the icons folder the paw was restored.
File: Clean Icons - Crisp08-03-13
Pet Battles Icon
Posted By: Phoenix250
The Pet Battle icon (Green paw) from the pet battle combat log tab that appears in the chat, shows as green square. Version: 5.3.0 Build (17128) Edit: When i removed Tracking_WildPet.blp from the icons folder the paw was restored. Also happens to Thin pack.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-11-12
Re: pvp timer?
Posted By: Phoenix250
if i remember correctly, x-perl used to have a timer for your PvP flag. i seemed to have lost that now and whenever i port back to a city from pvp it just has the icon. i remember there used to a timer. EDIT: Nvm, i figured out why, i had one of those Venture Co. Daily PvP quests still in my log. lol:p I have this too. Did you...
File: AtlasLoot_Source04-08-12
Any updates on the "Crafting Info"...
Posted By: Phoenix250
Any updates on the "Crafting Info" bug? I want to know which profession items come from but not the crafting materials. However disabling the option does not last through a /reload.
File: AtlasLoot_Source03-06-12
I tried disabling the "Crafting Inf...
Posted By: Phoenix250
I tried disabling the "Crafting Info" option for the tooltip but after a /reload or game restart the option re-enables by itself. Thanks for awesome addon anyway :)