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File: Dominos Beta07-09-12
Minus the usual, "unzip the content...
Posted By: twilightzero
Minus the usual, "unzip the contents into your addons directory", I've heard that there's been issues with addons on the beta /w the mac client. I've not tested on my mac, though. I use the PC client. Running on Windows 7 Home Premium right now. I know WoW defaults to the 64x client for me (since I run a 64x OS), but I didn't see it...
File: Dominos Beta07-08-12
I can't get this addon to show up i...
Posted By: twilightzero
I can't get this addon to show up in my beta client. I have it downloaded in the right folder, but when I go to enable addons in-game, it doesn't show up. Any idea as to why this might be happening?
File: Qulight UI (for Beta MoP)07-08-12
I've been getting a lot of LUA erro...
Posted By: twilightzero
I've been getting a lot of LUA errors in parties regarding raid auras, from the look of it. It gives me so many errors at once that I have to disable Qulight to get rid of the LUA error frame. If it can help, the next time they pop up I can try to see how to copy one of the errors for you to look at.