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File: FuBar - ReagentFu02-04-07
Please support New Rogue Poison
Posted By: Kaeb
Anesthetic Poison I As seen on wowhead.com: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=21835 (or your personal favorite WoW database site)
File: FuBar - AmmoFu02-04-07
Re: Thrown Weapons not Showing up correctly
Posted By: Kaeb
Originally posted by thegrayspirit CK can we get an update to AmmoFu so that our Thrown Weapons show up as the actual Durability number rather than just 1? Its caused by WoW 2.0 and Thrown Weapons being repairable. Thanks! My Thrown Weapon's duravility is now shown as ammo count! Wunderbar!
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I have this favorited for when you...
Posted By: Kaeb
I have this favorited for when you work out a way to make it work with the left shift key. Looking forward to future releases.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced02-04-07
Perhaps I'm extremely dense, but I'...
Posted By: Kaeb
Perhaps I'm extremely dense, but I've tried placing AtlasAuchindown & AtlasTempestKeep is a half dozen folder loactions and I still can't get them to show in Atlas. Someone mind walking me through this? Or encouraging the Atlas author to update it with these maps?