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File: Darnellify06-15-12
Posted By: Alexavis
It seems, that even though I have deleted the project and the file from Curse, the Curse Client is still grabbing the non-existent old file and downloading it for people. I just tested it out. I've contacted Curse to see what can be done about this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Alexavis. No one 'should' be abl...
File: Darnellify06-13-12
Curse client and wow interface
Posted By: Alexavis
i've checked to see if this addon is on curse.com and it isn't but my curse client is finding a compatable version. so i changed to the one that one to see the differences. on my raven lord with the wowinterface version darnell sings "riding on a bird a little stupid bird" but with the curse client version its the actual chocobo s...