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File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor03-01-12
Re: Quick fix!
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Convert the .wav files to .ogg using one of the bajillion free .wav --> .ogg converters available on the internet. Put your shiny new .ogg files in the same place as the current .wav files and enjoy the sound of reasonable gun noises once again. WOO! Took a minute to figure out how to fix it (had to change output folder to the Wo...
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor02-28-12
Yes, as of the new update Tuesday, 28th February, this has indeed stopped working :(
Posted By: AngryHunter
I hope someone has a quick fix, guessing that Blizzard changed the name of the file in question? HOpe someone can update a fix for this, I hate the annoying rifle sound...