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File: SpartanUI08-12-12
LFD or LFG eye tool tip
Posted By: Deaddevil
Is there a way to move the eye up a little I am unable to see the wait time when I have que'd it cuts off the bottom of the tool tip when i mouse over it.
File: SpartanUI02-29-12
Error when joining dungeon
Posted By: Deaddevil
Date: 2012-02-29 21:07:35 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\FrameXML\Minimap.lua line 179: attempt to index local 'textureInfo' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ..\FrameXML\Minimap.lua:179: ..\FrameXML\Minimap.lua:173 ...\SpartanUI_PlayerFrames\scripts\Unit-PlayerFrame.lua:124: ...\Spartan...