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File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108010-08-12
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@ Tortacos Go to Interface>Social>Chat Style, and change it to Classic from IM. @ Havikz /acb (Making sure the config module is enabled in addons) then Profile>Kripp. Regarding key binding more, /dom put things on the action bars then hide them again. Example --> http://i.imgur.com/2QNc2.jpg @ brmcco /suf Hide Blizzard Check i...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-22-12
Raid Frames
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After checking to see if anyone else is having similar issues, I decided to post here. I am having issues with the Raid Frames from SUF, them not appearing sometimes and taking ages to update at all, if ever. This is also true for other frames, sometimes target power not updating for a while also. Is this a known bug I have mi...
File: QuseMap09-07-12
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Favourite map Addon, although 2 'things'. 1. During BG's it will show the player 'blips' slightly out of the map sometimes, can take a screenshot if wanted. 2. Despite being nice, can the Minimap menu button be easily removed? Doesn't fit with my UI and would like to be able to take it off if possible, providing it is not hard...
File: Dominos Beta07-14-12
Re: symbiosis bar
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think the symbiosis bar is missing... or I'm just blind. actually both is possible What exactly do you mean by symbiosis bar? The druid spell symbiosis? If so then this does not give you a bar, simply the ability in your spell book.
File: tullaRange04-21-12
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Im also getting this error. Not sure why. But it seems to be destroying my fps on these fights. Im not sure though :s Only getting it past couple of resets however.
File: PocketPlot04-17-12
Tracking Icon
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Is it possible to move the Tracking Icon at all. I could possibly be being an idiot. But is there any quick way I am able. For instance putting in inside the circle just above the Time? http://i.imgur.com/hGVOz.png