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File: DecUI09-04-12
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Hi... This is going to sound like a really stupid question lol but is there a way to stop the map from going semi transparent when your moving? At the moment when you move the map goes kind of transparent i guess so you can see whats in front of your character whilst looking at the map... but I really don't like that lol Tha...
File: DecUI08-30-12
Map :(
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This UI is amazing :) my new favorite UI thank you very much. I love the way everything is customizable the only bugs ive picked up is the map is buggy... it does not always load the map picture... the window appears but you can not see the map. Its frustrating but im sure it will be fixed in future updates. Thanks again :)
File: Braksis' Btex bars (Rogue)03-05-12
Help Needed...
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First off sorry to bump this topic I know it's old. I like this UI... I really really like it... But I want it set up just like you have it.. What addons did you use to get the actionbars and minimap etc to those locations?? Please let me know asap thanks :)