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File: TotemTimers03-24-10
TT messes up when I switch specs
Posted By: hawaiihouse
This has been happening to me for a while and I have just ignored it in hopes that newer versions would just fix it. That and I was lazy in creating an account to post a comment. Whenever I switch specs the functionality of the Shield and Weapon buttons is not working properly. While it does put on the shield and wpn imbue I w...
File: Cosmos feat. Khaos (Win)02-05-07
Incompatible messagea
Posted By: hawaiihouse
As of 05 Feb I am getting a RED INCOMPATIBLE next to some of your addons. Bar Options Char View Notepad Pop Bar Tracker Toggle Visibility Options This had nothing to do with out of date as I have checked and unchecked that just in case nor is it missing dependencies. Any ideas. I have never seen an incompatible message b...