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File: DagAssist09-05-12
Mounts and Pets
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I get the following error on log in, if I have a mount in the list: Message: DagAssist-4.10.21\DagAssistConfig.lua:282: Usage: GetCompanionInfo(type, index) Time: 09/06/12 10:23:22 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\DagAssist\DagAssistConfig.lua:282: in function `DagAssistGetActionInfo' Interface\AddOns\DagAssist\DagAssist.lua:278...
File: PetJournalEx08-02-12
The Tooltip
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I'm looking for an addon that: "Displays (collected) on the tooltip when mousing over a wild battle pet if you have this pet species in your collection already." So this looks good, any chance you could add more information about the already collected pet? Something like: ------------------------- Rabbit Pet Level 1 Critter Captu...