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File: FuBar - LocationFu10-03-07
For those of you having this proble...
Posted By: Crucial
For those of you having this problem: Cannot find a library instance of LibBabble-Spell-3.0. Here's a temporary solution: comment out the following lines: 5, 335,336,337 in the LocationFu.lua file inside the FuBar_LocationFu folder. (You can comment out a line by placeing two dashes (--) in front of it) This will b...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu10-01-07
Originally posted by Jayhawk Cruc...
Posted By: Crucial
Originally posted by Jayhawk Crucial. The login issue should be fixed. I had to hack the Alchemy skill and made a silly mistake (created an infinite loop for toons without Alchemy) The WowAce version should be fixed and will be update here soon. Apologies for the inconvenience... Rilynn, Blizz messed up the Alchemy skill, but a...
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu09-29-07
Login Freeze
Posted By: Crucial
Hey, I dunno why, but the latest version of this addon prevents my login from going through. It sits at the login screen indefinitely. I don't actually get any kind of error. But disabling this addon allows me to login normally. If I can be of any help, lemme know.
File: Bongos206-22-07
I'm using the US client. If I recal...
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I'm using the US client. If I recall, I was able to open 3 windows at one time without any mods installed, but that could be because I play on a widescreen monitor (1920X1200). However, I've tested this with only bongos2 installed and I get the same problem, if the map mod is enabled windows overlap. I even tried the mod Mappy figuri...
File: Bongos206-17-07
Anyone else notice that when you lo...
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Anyone else notice that when you load the bonogs2 map mod that you can't open you character windows and profession windows at the same time without them overlapping? Doesn't really matter which two windows it is.... they all seem to overlap. Without just the map addon loaded I can open 3 windows at the same time.
File: Bongos203-07-07
Show on Mouseover
Posted By: Crucial
I love this mod, the only thing I think is missing is an option to hide unless the bar is mouseovered. I like to hide my bag bar, menu bar, and a few of my actionbars unless I actually mouse over them (I used to do this with DAB until I switched to Bongos). Any chance you can add this in a future release?
File: Bongos201-11-07
Originally posted by Tuller Broug...
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Originally posted by Tuller Brought back the old system, right click self cast and profiles are incompatible, but bindings should work at least :) What a disappointment to hear that. I really like the new style so much better than the old. The only problem I had with the new version was that the tooltips never changed when I mo...
File: FuBar - HonorFu05-05-06
Is there any way to get it so that...
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Is there any way to get it so that it only shows the kills/deaths of that day rather than the life of the mod? I login every day and I see the total kills/deaths from the previous day. I like starting over clean each day considering I suck at it so bad. :)
File: ItemBonusesFu03-30-06
For the 1.10 patch make sure you up...
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For the 1.10 patch make sure you update your version of bonusscanner to 0.9.6. The original bonus scanner site seems to be here .
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-30-06
Quests don't update?
Posted By: Crucial
I completed quite a few quests last night and the mod did not display the changes. The only way I got the quest mod to update was my disabling it and reactivating it. This happens with quite a few of the boss mods actually. I have version 0.1.5a, and just noticed you updated. I'll try this one tonight and post if my problem persists.