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File: DoTimer06-30-07
Just a friendly suggestion, you mig...
Posted By: Auralei
Just a friendly suggestion, you might want to document(perhaps in red) that you changed the way you packed the addon and labeled folders. People might be confused when unpacking and wonder why the addon isn't loading.
File: RatingBuster01-26-07
I get this bug with this version....
Posted By: Auralei
I get this bug with this version. Error: attempt to call method 'GetItem' (a nil value) AddOn: RatingBuster File: RatingBuster.lua Line: 164 Count: 2
File: Bongos212-31-06
Stance switching for Druids(and any...
Posted By: Auralei
Stance switching for Druids(and any other class) not working with this version. And yes I tried the druid suggestions about aquatic form, bear form isn't even working so neither do they.
File: ag_UnitFrames12-27-06
Please, for the love of all that is...
Posted By: Auralei
Please, for the love of all that is holy, get rid of the party groupings! I can no longer move my party frames wherever I want them unless I move them as a group! Make that toggleable PLEASE!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-10-06
this is probably a newb question bu...
Posted By: Auralei
this is probably a newb question but.... is there a way to hide party in raids?? EDIT: Disreguard, it's early and I'm tired, I found it.:P
File: Bongos209-18-06
Problem with paging!
Posted By: Auralei
I just recently went back to bongos from CTBarMod. My prblem is with shapeshifting and the paging that happens with that action. For somereason when I shift back to caster, it will not return my main bar to the caster bar, it remains the bar I use for the form I had shifted into, forcing me to shift + arrow key to fix it. This wouldn...
File: OmniCC08-25-06
Originally posted by Tuller 6.7.3...
Posted By: Auralei
Originally posted by Tuller 6.7.30 has this bug fixed. Make sure you're running the most recent version. Did you completely restart WoW after installing the mod? Tuller, the version you have posted SAYS 6.7.30, but the TOC says it's 6.7.24! Could we have the updated one please, the bug still remains.
File: VitalWatch08-13-06
Wish this worked.
Posted By: Auralei
I really wish this addon worked. I've been seraching, in vain, for a mana warning addon for eons and found this one and had high hopes. It does NOT save your warning messages, it does not save any of your settings and gets rid of them moments after you plug them in. Sad.
File: AceGUI06-08-06
Also trying with patch 1.11 on PTR....
Posted By: Auralei
Also trying with patch 1.11 on PTR. Got the following error when using with KC_Items. AceGUI\AceGUIElement.lau:44:KC_AdvSearchFrameConfigBoxMinLevelMenuRow12' has no child 'DisabledText' Note: KC_Items is also bringing errors with 1.11