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File: VxtUI02-23-13
Posted By: tellan29
Best UI i've seen in a long, long time! Keep up the good work with updates etc, and this UI will be famous, that's for sure! Cheers
File: NugRunning02-18-13
Missing Debuff
Posted By: tellan29
Hey! Im a rogue and i noticed that you've not added Revealing Strike to the addon, would be great if you could add it in the near future! Cheers
File: Rukyna's UI v104-01-12
Hello there mate, this looks pretty...
Posted By: tellan29
Hello there mate, this looks pretty sweet. Maybe you should tweak the unitframes in your own special way instead of using the default settings? :) maybe add some textures aswell. Would give the entire interface a little bit more of a unique feeling to be honest.Good idea! New style etc. is coming in next version :)