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File: LUI v309-05-12
friends lest doing the same as guild was doing
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not sure if this error is for that but it is the only one i am getting for LUI 48x LUI-r507\modules\datatext.lua:1555: bad argument #1 to "unpack" (table expected, got nil) LUI-r507\modules\datatext.lua:1555: in function LUI-r507\modules\datatext.lua:1620: in function
File: LUI v309-01-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Friends list
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found another problem with it if you try and whisper one of your friends you get No player named (insert name) is currently playing thank you all again for all the work you put into this The "faction" returned from BNGetToonInfo() is now the actual faction name, not a number. Yay for more silly API changes. New fixed versio...
File: LUI v308-31-12
Re: Re: Re: Friends list
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it works good to see you friend just they all show up as horde and thank you all for the hard work keeping us all going Thank you so much! I'm having a hard time with this... Trying to get my realid friends list working, i've tried the workaroudns you posted before, but i keep getting this Thank you in advance!...