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File: TwitterRealID (TRID)09-15-12
TRID 3.1
Posted By: scarabman
In 3.1, you will see the log, extra reporting options and auto grats feature from the 3.0 update. In addition, the auto grats feature will now respond at a random time interval between 5-9 seconds.
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)06-12-12
Re: Oh, it's just PERFECT...almost....
Posted By: scarabman
It just needs to optionally include static text I can add, or you can customize, for Character Name - server - faction.... :) When you say static text, do you mean an option to enter text that will not get overridden by the addon messages?
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)04-18-12
TRID 2.0 released!
Posted By: scarabman
UPDATE: TRID 2.0 released! I have added UI support to TRID. To customize TRID reporting, type "/trid ui" (without the quotation marks) or navigate to the UI by hitting escape > interface > AddOns tab > TRID.
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)04-13-12
TRID 2.0 Update
Posted By: scarabman
UPDATE: I'm nearing completion of an overhaul of this addon. The changes include a UI with check boxes (already functional on my internal builds). This will allow users greater customization on which features the addon will report. I suspect the changes will be ready sometime in the next 10 days. Stay tuned for TRID 2.0.
File: TwitterRealID (TRID)04-11-12
Twitter was my inspiration. I want...
Posted By: scarabman
Twitter was my inspiration. I wanted people to be able to show their friends what they were doing as they played but sending updates to your friends isn't something you spend a lot of time doing in WoW. This addon simply streamlines the process.