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File: MayronUI Gen501-25-13
Thank you I got My Problem Fixed :)...
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Thank you I got My Problem Fixed :) Now another Question if you Dont mind.I Scaled the Bottom Menu on KG panels But cant Find how to move the Things in there I only Found 3 ones that are from Bazooka Addon but the Rest i'm Just Clueless
File: MayronUI Gen501-22-13
Re: Target frame gone
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Hi, here is a screenshot of what happened. http://i.imgur.com/v21rrBi.jpg The targets frame is small now, even on the D stance not the H one. How do I fix this? Just Change profiles and Change back to the one you had (I was using MayronUi2 changed to MayronUi then to MayronUi2 and it Got fixed) Now i have a Question...
File: MUI Gen1 - Discontinued!04-18-12
Hello,I'm having a problem and Unfo...
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Hello,I'm having a problem and Unfortunatelly i Cant remember if it existed before the Latest Patch but I think It Didnt...(90% sure) When Recount is On I cant Zoom in-out When its disabled the Problem is Fixed..Is There an Addon conflict maybe? Recount Users Not Using Your UI have no problem After Todays Patch in EU I'm also 10...