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File: QuestHelper07-06-09
That delay with the re-routing has...
Posted By: Istu
That delay with the re-routing has been bugging me since the CPU changes came into affect. Playing around with WoW video settings - if I have Vertical Sync on, QH works fine (frame rate is pretty much glued to 60) but if I have it off the framerate changes a lot more and I'm assuming that QH is interpreting this as being a big enough...
File: Bongos205-30-07
@HiroCT: You may have misread those...
Posted By: Istu
@HiroCT: You may have misread those comments about Bongos causing frame update issues? Bongos itself is the victim of stance changes not working properly because some mods are causing tainting; e.g., if you enter combat and then attempt to change stance it won't work if you have the Prat: PlayerNames and ServerNames modules enabl...
File: Cartographer01-13-07
Switching back to default map
Posted By: Istu
A number of people have mentioned that Cartographer switches back to the default location map within a few seconds when they try to browse the world map. It's probable that a number of mods are causing this behaviour but in my case it appears to be Extended Quest Log 3 EQ3 (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=1676). Disabling EQ3 fixe...
File: Compare Stats *Discontinued*09-03-06
Performace Issue with New Release
Posted By: Istu
Latest version seems to be causing a FPS/memory usage problem after I open my bank or character bags - Bagnon. Memory usage climbs from around 1KiB/s to over 10KiB/s and average FPS drops by at least 20 with a big pause every sec or so. It only starts after I open the bags. Rolling back this mod and only this mod fixes it. Some sort...
File: BigWigs Bossmods08-16-06
I think you need to make sure all a...
Posted By: Istu
I think you need to make sure all addons that are using Ace2 are using the same version. I had the same error with BigWigs, copied the FuBar\Libs\AceOO-2.0 directory (which I had copied from MobHealth3 after FuBar2 had a similar problem!) over top and problem fixed. Not very scientific but it works for me!
File: Drathal's HUD07-31-06
Posted By: Istu
You've hooked 10's of thousands of people onto your excellent hud and now you punish them because of a few unscrupulous people. That is a real slap in the face to your loyal fans and your credibility suffers as much as those who have 'stolen' your code.
File: SmartBuff03-31-06
Can you please add an option to for...
Posted By: Istu
Can you please add an option to force buffing if a buff is going to expire within a specified period. For example, when I get the warning that a buff is going to expire, that's when I want to reapply it. Nice mod thanks.