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File: Power Auras Classic06-11-11
Exports still not working even afte...
Posted By: oriont
Exports still not working even after I check the new box? Any work around? Trying to export a set
File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)06-08-11
Great addon, keep up the good work
Posted By: oriont
Great addon, keep up the good work
File: Super Duper Macro05-05-11
Getting this error after using suggested code change
Posted By: oriont
Message: Interface\AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacro.lua:745: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) Time: 05/05/11 16:35:55 Count: 1 Stack: : ? : in function `ipairs' Interface\AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacro.lua:745: in function `sdm_AddFolderContents' Interface\AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacr...
File: Aliena's Interface Pack03-18-11
Dont Download This UI IS TERRIBAD
Posted By: oriont
Truly a horrible UI, It looks great but once you get into an instance it locks up and you lag out.
File: GemCensus03-11-11
Hoping for an update
Posted By: oriont
Heres to hoping you come back and update this. Love this addon just started back in the game and I am always interested in the population popular cuts. Thanks if you do update it.
File: Market Watcher04-07-10
Not updating scans
Posted By: oriont
I have been using this addon in conjunction with auctioneer and it is looking good. However I have been having a problem with the scans not updating for the items I have added. I have been using the appropriate scan and everything shoud be working correctly, however my items havent been updated in 20 hours even though I have presse...
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI 5.0.5 - 1920 x 1080 [16:9-WIDE]11-08-09
Help with resolution
Posted By: oriont
I am using a pretty large monitor for wow, and the only 1920 setting I have in the video setting is the 1920X1200. I followed the instructions on the setup video #1 however my minimap and the sldata is still up on the top right benhind my buffs
File: Clique11-06-07
Hey love the addon. Quick question...
Posted By: oriont
Hey love the addon. Quick question I use clique in conjunction with grid and recently had to reinstall my game because of another issue involving a trojan. However back to the point before just as long as my mouse was over the grid I could also use buttons that I had keybinded to certain rank spells on those grids now I seemed to h...