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File: MayronUI Gen508-12-13
Re: Re: problems installing ui
Posted By: growlings
First off I really like the look of the UI. But right now I am having a issure reinstalling the ui. I ran into issues with my wow install and had to re install, So I am working with a fresh install. So when I go to install the UI following all of the proper instructions I am getting this: I am using a 1920x1080 monitor and rena...
File: MayronUI Gen508-11-13
Re: playing as a druid
Posted By: growlings
Is it possible to make the bars more druid friendly? I would love to use this UI but as I am leveling a druid i only can use 4 bars, the rest is reserved for all forms, bear, cat and cat stealth, how can i fix this/ how is other druids fixing this sorry for my lack in describing my problem, english is not my main language. Bal...
File: MayronUI Gen508-06-13
Re: Re: One of the better ones
Posted By: growlings
Version 2.8.1 is now available for download (Small Update) 2.8.1 (Small Update) -- Fixed the Mail Icon from showing up as a green square bug -- Fixed the Quest Tracker from moving on its own bug Just fixed these 2 bugs. If you want it fixed without completely reinstalling the UI then just copy the 2 items from the new update...
File: MayronUI Gen508-05-13
One of the better ones
Posted By: growlings
Alright so i love your addon. I've been through a lot of them and i really like your setup. A few suggestions: Unless I'm configuring the settings wrong I am not able to toggle my bags from open to closed. I can click the bag plugin at the bottom and they open but I have to click the X on the inventory frame to close them (I sho...
File: Satrina Buff Frame MOP Beta Version (v5.0beta)09-16-12
I'm really glad this addon was pick...
Posted By: growlings
I'm really glad this addon was picked up and continued. I love what it does! Keep up the good work. "And could you add this to Curse.com for easy update ?" It is on Curse.