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File: ViksUI03-02-14
Error with monk only
Posted By: joelsoul
I only get this when i log in with a monk: 4x ViksUI-4.22\UnitFrames\Elements\Indicators.lua:21: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value) FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:604: in function FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:742: in function "CallMethod" Other than t...
File: Supervillain UI12-23-13
Another minor LUA error I found
Posted By: joelsoul
This time, I am ticking "Fade Chat" in the SVUI chat settings, getting this error: 2x SVUI_ConfigOMatic-3.6\modules\chat-Chat.lua:4: attempt to call method "RefreshFade" (a nil value) SVUI_ConfigOMatic-3.6\modules\chat-Chat.lua:4: in function (tail call): ? :"safecall...
File: Supervillain UI12-22-13
LUA Error
Posted By: joelsoul
If I press "m" to turn on world map while I am moving, I get this error: Message: ...\AddOns\SVUI\packages\override\module\SVOverride.lua:112: Usage: WorldMapFrame:SetAlpha(alpha 0 to 1) Time: 12/22/13 21:34:41 Count: 4 Stack: : in function `SetAlpha' ...\AddOns\SVUI\packages\override\module\SVOverride.lua:112: in function `...
File: Supervillain UI10-24-13
SVUI function
Posted By: joelsoul
Works great so far, low mem usage too
File: ViksUI08-03-13
Glad you are back Frohans
Posted By: joelsoul
I was hoping you would be back to keep this UI updated, it is the best. :)
File: caelUI07-03-13
Posted By: joelsoul
Hey Caellian and all involved in maintaining this project, great UI. My favorite by far. Quick question though, all of a sudden the buffs on my toon that used to be displayed in top right (near quest objectives) seem to have disappeared. Any thoughts on this?
File: ElenIU01-07-13
Posted By: joelsoul
I think this UI is the cleanest looking one I have seen, has anyone been able to successfully get a 1920x1080 layout with it? I have tried but I just don't know enough about how to shift everything around, would be interested if anybody has used it in 1920X1080 yet ....