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File: Aurora: Missing Textures09-13-12
bug report
Posted By: lxhlxh520
the UI-DungeonDifficulty-Button.blp in the MINIMAP is full with black ,no picture so when the minimap.lua and minimap.xml(in Frame.xml) use it ,i can not see MiniMapInstanceDifficultyTexture
File: oUF Skaarj09-07-12
good job
Posted By: lxhlxh520
it is very beautiful.
File: oUF_Freebgrid09-07-12
a bug
Posted By: lxhlxh520
when the player talent changed,frames do not change as should register this event PLAYER_SPECIALIZATION_CHANGED not active_talent_group_changed
File: oGlow09-01-12
Posted By: lxhlxh520
thank you ,haste your ouf is very good too.
File: Mono UI (MoP)07-21-12
i add some to fix the master loot,i...
Posted By: lxhlxh520
i add some to fix the master loot,i am not sure it is right or wrong. such as: if(items > 0) then for j=1, items do local slot = addon.slots or createSlot(j) for i = 1, 40 do candidate = GetMasterLootCandidate(slot,i) if candidate then local class = select(2, CandidateUnitClass(candidate)) if class ==...