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File: Quse UI11-27-12
With 5.1 tomorrow I hope we can get...
Posted By: sharktopus
With 5.1 tomorrow I hope we can get an update as there are several new interface additions that will likely not function with Quse >,< I honestly haven't even logged into the game in about a week. I'll get logged in tomorrow when I'm off work (sigh) and take a look. EVEN IF YOU NEVER UPDATE AGAIN WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU QUPE...
File: Quse UI05-01-12
Posted By: sharktopus
I love your compilation Qupe! Thank you for your hard work. I have one question though, did you update alDamagemeter recently? I seem to not be able to change to font and outline through the .lua file anymore. No matter what I set it to: local font = "Interface\\Addons\\sharedmedia\\fonts\\font2.ttf" local font_style = "TH...