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File: DerpyUI (alpha)09-12-12
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Привет. Возникла проблема с панелями команд. Когда прев ...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-12-12
Re: Re: Help!
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This UI will be broken, it's out of date (not been updated for 15 months) as the UI author left WoW to play other games. He has stated, several posts below, that he's returning for Mists of Pandaria with a new version of his excellent UI. You will have to be patient like the rest of us. :D Bad. Very bad:( Thanks for the answer;)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-04-12
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That's a problem with chat. What should I do? http://imglink.ru/thumbnails/04-05-12/c59d84182c9e797b6894b2d3618ea0a6.jpg