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File: Cartographer01-27-07
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Ckknight , Not only did you add a Waypoint Feature, but the animated arrow that travels with you is freakin awesome! Damn, it just gets better and better everyday. /waves bye bye to the other map addons. -They will soon be a thing of the past- Tricksta_
File: Cartographer01-14-07
Also Be Aware ....
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I have noticed that the latest version here is not even close to the SVN. Ckk said on his Wow radio interview he can be lazy at updating the site pages. Grab Wow Updater from - www.wowace.com Then go and download all the latest carto stuff. Trick
File: Cartographer01-06-07
Re: Average :/
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Originally posted by Skan Despite my earlier comments about how great this addon COULD be, I've had to give it an "average" rating... Until such time as it progresses significantly further from a bunch of empty, and quite frankly useless databases and plugins, I'm going back to MetaMap. That being said, I will be keeping a clos...
File: Cartographer12-27-06
Also ...
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Ckk: I did not even know you added a "/note" command until I sifted through your changelogs. Is there anyway to write some simple paragraph like "Hey guys I added a slash command called /NOTE that works like /tloc etc. I know you document everything, but in a programmers way of doing things. If you want the average end user...
File: Cartographer12-27-06
No Waypoint, no Use
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Sorry man, I was cranking through quests tonight and setting /notes , but if there is no way to flag my notes as waypoints on the mini map it useless to me for now. Back to Alpha and Mapnotes for now until you have the time for this function. I know you have been very busy working on libs, I can understand. Thanks, Tricksta_
File: Cartographer12-23-06
You are Da Man CKKnight
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Hey! I saw you stealthed in the /note command I was bugging you about. Thanks so much CK! I for one really appreciate the hard work you do to enhance everyones game play. Tricksta_ PS - That interview on WCRADIO was good. Lol. You are as arrogant in person as you are in text on the irc ...ahahaha. :p
File: FuBar 3.6.508-31-06
A Response would help ....
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Umm Cknight, can you please respond if you get time? http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6010 Just in case you read here and not the other areas of these message boards
File: FuBar 3.6.508-29-06
Something in FuBar is Evil
Posted By: Tricksta_
I love Fubar, but for now had to go back to Titan. Now the only reason for this is because I get this Bar Texture on the bottom left hand side of my screen, after I use CT_BREAKBAR and then adjust the bar sizes. The only way to get rid of this bar is to turn off autoscale, which is cool, but later that frame bar comes back. Any ideas...