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File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)06-23-12
Hey Benea, I have another question...
Posted By: Selyanna
Hey Benea, I have another question for you.. What is it that is making Shadow Orb appear in the middle of screen? When I have one, it will appear if I have two it will say Shadow Orb (x2) It's very nice but I'd like to able to move it.. It also happens when I cast Dispersion.
File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)05-12-12
You're wonderful Benea! Fixed all m...
Posted By: Selyanna
You're wonderful Benea! Fixed all my issues I kept the kgpanel bar just I couldn't figure out how to move it I was going insane! <3
File: BeneaUI (1920 x 1080)05-10-12
White bar
Posted By: Selyanna
Hi! :-) I'm running 1920x1080 everything looks great I've been able to adjust everything to my liking so far. I have two questions at this point, in between all of the action bars, that white line that divides them. What is that? Also, on Grid2 how do you get it, too like your old one where everything wasn't one color but inst...