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File: DoTimer09-28-06
DoTimer.lua: 734: Invalid pattern c...
Posted By: Golonator
DoTimer.lua: 734: Invalid pattern capture. Have to go back to v. 1.0 :(
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu08-23-06
1.12 broke it :( Minutes in the...
Posted By: Golonator
1.12 broke it :( Minutes in the Fubar Display are shown as %d. Hope this great addon will be updated.
File: ShardAce08-19-06
Could anybody please explain to me...
Posted By: Golonator
Could anybody please explain to me what hstrade:ON is useful for? I thaught, if someone trades me on, then I give him automatically a health stone, but nothing happens. So whats this option intended for?
File: Sage UnitFrames07-24-06
Originally posted by Shellex Gett...
Posted By: Golonator
Originally posted by Shellex Getting this error on my rogue alt: ...\AddOns\Sage_Target\target.lua:244:attempt to call global 'STarget_UpdateComboPoints' (a nil value) This happens each time I target something. SAME here. German Client.
File: TinyTip07-04-06
Well, You can anchor around the mou...
Posted By: Golonator
Well, You can anchor around the mouse cursor (top, center, bottom, everywhere), but You can NOT anchor at a specific coordinate on the screen! :( I would like an option to show the tooltip always at the same place, which i can specify with coordinates.
File: TinyTip06-26-06
Originally posted by Thrae Enter...
Posted By: Golonator
Originally posted by Thrae Enter this into your chat frame: /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( getglobal("LEVEL") ) That should say "Level" in your language. Tell me if it doesn't. I did that. The Answer is "St." But seems like You fixed the problem with 1.1.02. Works now. Starting to like this mod. But i tried...
File: TinyTip06-25-06
TinyTip.lua:129: bad argument #1 to...
Posted By: Golonator
TinyTip.lua:129: bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil) everytime i mouseover a friendly player. NPC work fine. hostile target not tested. german client here.
File: Sage UnitFrames05-14-06
Great Mod. 5 Stars. It perfectly co...
Posted By: Golonator
Great Mod. 5 Stars. It perfectly complements my Drathal's HUD - both in functionality and design. I use the German client and did not encounter any bugs till now. @ Techneek: I guess, the faction Symbol of the Player Frame only shows up in contested areas... so You won't see it in Ironforge.
File: FuBar 3.6.505-13-06
@sent: search for "fubar skins" in...
Posted By: Golonator
@sent: search for "fubar skins" in the forums of this website. I found 4 nice skins there. I recommend to use those, cause the texture of the latest release has no border on it. @ckknight: newest file name is 1649, but internal number is still 1647. Maybe its already postet somewhere else.
File: FuBar 3.6.505-12-06
Latest release's texture is lackin...
Posted By: Golonator
Latest release's texture is lacking a border line.
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu05-11-06
After updating to the latest Fubar,...
Posted By: Golonator
After updating to the latest Fubar, this Mod works perfect. I'm gonna send you DE localisation soon.
File: RecapFu04-06-06
Posted By: Golonator
I'm sure this Addon has many fans. So please make it FuBar Compatible. Thx. I bet, Your are already working on it (ok im hoping it...)
File: FuBar - VolumeFu04-02-06
This Mod is awesome. But it could b...
Posted By: Golonator
This Mod is awesome. But it could be even better: I would love an option to show only the Master Volume Slide - like Titan does, coz i never change the other sliders. And: Is it possible to bind a key to the Reset after Alt-Tab? Till I find the Icon with my mouse after alt-tab, my ears are blown away :) With a key I would press...