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File: QuestGuru05-23-12
Re: QuestGuru - Announcer
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The answer to the question is yes and no. I've noted that new quests (and abandoned ones as well) do not get announced. My goal with the re-write is to replicate existing functionality with an eye to adding new features after that. So, Yes, it's being addressed in the re-write, but it won't be on the first version of that. I...
File: QuestGuru05-17-12
Grabbed questguru in order for my w...
Posted By: modaddict
Grabbed questguru in order for my wife and I to quest with our kids, we were most interested in the QuestAnnouncer since they forget to pick up quests and it lets us track how much of what they have. I was playing with it enabled the other day and noticed it doesn't announce when a new quest is picked up, although the feature is on i...