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Hey! I saw in your kill video of Ma...
Posted By: Alzu
Hey! I saw in your kill video of Mar'gok your Raid CD's below your player unit frame. Are these hermes? How can we config it to look like yours in the video? Awesome UI by the way! And grats on world first :) Thank you. Yes, it's Hermes and at the time it was made with GridBars. I've since moved to just Bars option for Hermes. Th...
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Re: Got problems with Buff/debuffs
Posted By: Alzu
Well i cant see my own buffs or Debuffs i get, whats the problem here? anyone knows? would be happy for a really fast answer! Keep the good work up Alzu! love ur UI except from this :P! You haven't set Raven a profile. Just type /raven and check the correct profile and they will show up.
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For some reason, my grid keeps movi...
Posted By: Alzu
For some reason, my grid keeps moving around, i've tried to play with anchor points as well but doesnt seem to help. What happens is after i've been in i.e. a 25 man raid and join a 10m raid, the frames keep moving higher so they are just under the mid-center button-bar. Any advice? Hah, sorry. Maybe I should read these a bit mor...
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Re: thanks
Posted By: Alzu
awesome UI! Suggestion: Replace MSBT with XCT+ - much better style fit for the rest This is maybe a bit selfish, but as do the UIs just for myself and currently I don't even have any combat text showing, I don't intend to do that. I just share what I've made for myself.