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File: MayronUI Gen510-13-12
Not letting me expand for second action bar.
Posted By: Swagsofresh
I love this UI so much, I was using it before MoP came out. I took a 2 month break from WoW until MoP came out. I reinstalled the UI and its not giving me the option to "expand" the unit frames to show the second action bars. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the UI about two times now. And still doesn't seem to work for some rea...
File: EoUI07-01-12
Thanks for the kuddos, and yes cliq...
Posted By: Swagsofresh
Thanks for the kuddos, and yes clique :) I might make a README or something, people keep having issues with it not knowing its there.Oh ty for responding. I figured out it was Clique like 5 minutes after I posted that comment >.< I do however have another question. I see that on the player unit frames you have the "timer bars". F...
File: EoUI06-14-12
Can't right click portrait.
Posted By: Swagsofresh
First off I completely lov this UI! You did such an amazing job on this mu hats off to you :3 Now for my problem :/ I can't seem to right click my portrait, thus preventing me from leaving the group :o I have had the UI for a couple of days now an have found out how to customize everything to my likig but O can't seem to find the...