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File: Clique06-29-12
I'll probably try the fix below, bu...
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I'll probably try the fix below, but do you plan to have a version ready for add-ons being imminently enabled on beta? THIS IS URGENT AS YOURS IS THE ONLY ADD-ON I ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE! haha A few of the API calls changed but I don't think it made a difference in clique. Here's the addon package I use in the beta (YES IT WORKS, don'...
File: Clique06-16-12
Re: Re: MoP bugs
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Thanks! Fully working now!
File: Clique06-15-12
MoP bugs
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Seems there is only 1 problem in MoP so far with this addon and it seems relatively simple. line 74: line 430: line 434: These lines all index a nil value (the 'title' variable). I believe in lua the colon is used in indexing so the problem is .Title: and it will index that nil. I just commented out those...