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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window07-01-07
Re: Freezing
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Originally posted by deshoe57 I've been having a problem of freezing Just started after todays patch from wow. I tried deleting and reinstalling the files didnt help. Is anyone else having this issue? I love this program and dont want to stop using. I am having the same problem to a point it locks my puter up and I have to...
File: Clique05-26-07
use to work now it's not
Posted By: zapmaster
Got rid of the old installed the new.... not tab at all buggrabber gives errors for it. Shows up in the addons menu.... I have no clue. GREAT Mod! well after looking for 3hrs I found: Originally Posted by Cladhaire So steps: 1. You removed your Clique.lua the SavedVariables folder 2. You deleted the old Clique directory...
File: SmartBuff03-31-07
Dazed and confused
Posted By: zapmaster
I use it with my priest to get all my buffs but just a few days ago it started to get confused between Inner Fire and Power Word Shield which I use a lot during battle. I do get the notice that I need it but buffs inner fire instead over and over again. If I just select power word shield during battle alone it works fine. Works g...