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File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-09-08
Re: i have no idea what im doing
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Originally posted by Hungry101 i cant see how to change anything onthis screen at all is there some kind of command that bringd up any options? It's done via the code, no GUI options.
File: rBars211-08-08
Ello :) Getting some taint stuff...
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Ello :) Getting some taint stuff when attacking from prowl with my druid - 11/8 16:10:37.455 Global variable ActionButton_Update tainted by rBars2 - Interface\AddOns\rBars2\rBars2.lua:332 11/8 16:10:37.455 Execution tainted by rBars2 while reading ActionButton_Update - Interface\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:339 ActionButton_On...
File: naiStats - track your xp10-29-08
Superb addon, thanks :) I use pSta...
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Superb addon, thanks :) I use pStats so anchored this to the minimap border and works a treat. A tiny 16k used too :)
File: Automaton10-21-08
wasn't sure that anyone still used...
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wasn't sure that anyone still used it One of the best addons around! :banana:
File: ClosetGnome10-21-08
I just tried StatBlockCore as a rep...
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I just tried StatBlockCore as a replacement for Fubar (just messing with addons as usual) and that creates a CG Icon! Works too..
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu08-27-06
For some reason it's not loading.....
Posted By: kinkyafro
For some reason it's not loading.. if you use the Master Control Program (MCP - packaged with Nurfed) you can click the load button and it works fine.