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File: oUF_Bob08-25-15
Dispel Magic
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hello! I've been using this frames for a long time, and now that I have a priest I've noticed I cannot see the white border on those target's auras that I can dispel. I have enable showStealableAuras = true, --show if a buff is stealable but I don't think that's the function I need s:
File: !Beauty_Aurora (Release)04-02-15
Question :)
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hi Bob! I was wondering if there's a way to change Aurora's background to match your borders. Standard background looks good enough but maybe something not that transparent would be nice :)
File: !Beauty_Aurora (Release)03-19-15
Seems this is un-fixable. The auror...
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Seems this is un-fixable. The aurora API doesn't give access to individualk borders (I can understand why). So I literally have to put a new border on top of the existing border. Which !Beautycase borders are all on the same frame level so it'll literally show which boirder shows last. So we'll get border coloring sometimes. And s...
File: !Beauty_Aurora (Release)03-07-15
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
I ADORE YOU! Been waiting for this addon for so long, thank you for taking the time to make this and your bobui! Totally adorbs <3
File: oUF Abu11-02-14
Danzb: There and option for that in...
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Danzb: There and option for that in the config, where you can set button/keys or disable it. Mazzy_Wow: Maybe I'll add it later. You can just add "oUF.colors.power = { 0, 0.7, 1}" somewhere in the Init.lua file yourself though. This is in a rgb format (0-1) vipex: Thanks. Sorry can't understand what you mean, can you type it in...
File: oUF Abu10-29-14
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hello! Amazing unitframes! Simple, yet nice looking! I was wondering, is there a chance to change the blue color of the mana bars into a lighter blue one? Like dk's power bars?
File: BobUI08-26-14
Re: The end of BobUI?
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
So I reclaimed my preorder for Warlords of Dreanor, not sure if I'm ever going to purchase it again. However there is a chance. I am looking for people to join in and help keep BobUI alive! I hate the idea of leaving somethign I spent so much time on behind. It's just that WoW lately just has not appealed to me past updating BobUI an...
File: Neav UI02-02-14
Hi! While using nTooltip I realized...
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hi! While using nTooltip I realized that only my guild's name is displayed in pink (or fucsia) while the rest are displayed in white. Any change to have every guild's name to be displayed in pink?
File: SpellSearch01-07-14
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
OMG! I must have this addon!
File: Aurora01-07-14
Character Icon Borders!
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hi! Amazing addon! I was wondering if there's a way to remove the quality icon borders from the Character Panel (heirloom, epic, rare and uncommon)? I run wow in the tiniest scale it allows me and instead of showing 4 border of each icon, it only shows 2 or 3 borders :( so i thought it would be a good idea to disable them if possibl...
File: bUnitFrames10-26-13
Firstly, thank you for your great a...
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Firstly, thank you for your great addons, I use several of them. I especially like how minimalistic they look and that I can run them without any loss of framerate :) Secondly, I'm having a bug when I disable frames from the Show/Hide options. It's a null reference when indexing in bUnitFrames.updateAll(), on line bUnitFrames.m...
File: bUnitFrames10-26-13
Amazing addon!
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
Hello Wild, I must say this is by far my favorite unitframes for they look cool and minimalistic! However, I would like to ask you if it is possible to: Make the debuff's life (red, blue, green, etc) as strong as it is without the bunitframes, or maybe a bit stronger than they are now. Mine for example, are missing their right b...
File: cargBags Nivaya (RealUI/standalone)05-26-13
Found something :(
Posted By: Mazzy_Wow
When using a Ghost Skeleton Key on a Ghost Iron Lockbox, Blizzard asks me to disable this addon :(