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File: AtlasLoot Enhanced02-03-11
Wishlist Icon
Posted By: Rathe
Still no wishlish icon/notification on items in list? :) I still have to check each boss individually after putting the item into my wishlist. Shouldnt it have a like a star icon or some kind of notificiation either on the boss list or when the item actually drops telling you its on your list? Thanks for the great addon :)
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced02-03-11
Just a FYI, deleting and recreating...
Posted By: Rathe
Just a FYI, deleting and recreating the wishlist gets rid of this problem. Originally posted by Viper423 Hello, first off I'd love to say this is a great addon and I love every bit of it! With that said, after updating to the new version I get the error message posted below once after logging into the game when I go and click on...
File: Ion: Spell & Macro Binder10-13-10
Button Text
Posted By: Rathe
If I bind a key to either a macro or spell it no longer shows the Key on the button. Only direct button bindings seem to work anymore... Not using OmniCC or anything btw :) Thanks! :D
File: QuestHelper10-26-09
Filter Features
Posted By: Rathe
Any chance to add the filters for continent or world that I mentioned months ago? :D
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-18-08
My Buffs
Posted By: Rathe
For the my buffs problem could you not just make it match spelllists by class? That way you dont have to identify spells I cast, just what I can cast....
File: QuestHelper12-11-08
Feature Suggestion
Posted By: Rathe
How about a way to turn off instance quests? Much like the "out of zone" filter. for instance in grizzly. Im alway having to set ignore on the Drak instance quests to get routing right. Thx again for a great addon :)
File: Ion: Menu Bar11-22-08
Rep/Xp Bar
Posted By: Rathe
Any chance of adding the new wotlk rep factions to the rep bar?
File: Bejeweled10-16-08
Minimap button
Posted By: Rathe
FYI The minimap button doesnt seem to stay hidden after turning it off for the next load. Great addon! :)
File: FilterTradeSkill07-14-06
Is the addon being worked on anymor...
Posted By: Rathe
Is the addon being worked on anymore? I cannot find a 1.11 version anywhere. Hate to see this one fade away, I use it all the time! :(
File: FilterTradeSkill04-08-06
Error since 1.10 on Version 2.2.2...
Posted By: Rathe
Error since 1.10 on Version 2.2.2 filtertradeskill.lua:302:table index is nil Seems to be on first opening tradeskill window. Great mod btw, hate to be without it!