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File: BigWigs Bossmods06-06-13
Hey Funky. Is there any way that...
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Hey Funky. Is there any way that you could add in the ability to align the timer, now that you added in text alignment a few builds ago? Also, when editing a specific ability, is there any way for the back option to return you to where you used to be, not the top of the boss' ability list?
File: BigWigs Bossmods03-30-13
Hey Funky. How would I go about...
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Hey Funky. How would I go about removing the bar textures, so it is just the ability icon and its timer directly next to it? I have been wanting to swap over to BigWigs for the longest time now, but this is the only thing holding me back. EDIT: Also removing the name of the ability. Just icon + timer.
File: RealUI 807-01-12
Version 6.12 Download?
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Hey Nibelheim. I absolutely love your UI, but I prefer the old version 6.12 Pitbul bars compared to the new 7.0 makeover. Is there any chance that I can get a download of a new .zip of 6.12, as I would hate to lose this addon. Best wishes to you, and hopefully we will still see you around in Pandaria.