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File: FreeUI05-18-13
Change the font of the chat back to the default?
Posted By: Hokeypokey
I have two questions, that I am still not getting solved by myself: Is there any chance to change the fonts of the chat back to the default ones? I don't see any debuffs? How can I activate them to show on my UI? Please help. Many thanks in advance!
File: FreeUI08-26-12
Fonts of chat and bubbles back to default?
Posted By: Hokeypokey
This Ui is just awesome!!! But is there any way to change all the fonts (Chat, bubbles, etc…) back to the wow-default ones? I hope you can help me with that! Thanks a lot for your efforts!
File: FreeUI07-02-12
Change questtracker size
Posted By: Hokeypokey
Nice Theme! But the text of the questlog is so damn small, that I cant read it. How can I change the size, font and position of the questlog tracker? Is there any chance of changing the fonts back to teh default ones? Thanks for your efforts!