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File: Select - WoD Beta09-28-14
Here's an outlier for you: = "...
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Here's an outlier for you: = " AddOn 'Select' tried to call the protected function 'S003A:SetAttribute()'.", = "2014/09/07 13:15:52", = "Interface\\AddOns\\!BugGrabber\\BugGrabber.lua:586: in function \n: in function `SetAttribute'\nInterface\\AddOns\\Select\\Select-2....
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits09-27-14
Posted By: Gello
Just a note that this addon has been tested on the WoD beta and appears to require no changes beyond changing its interface number to make it up to date. That will happen with the 6.0 pre-patch. A WoD-specific version will not be uploaded until then unless there's any demand.
File: Ember: Equipment Manager Banker09-27-14
Just a note that this addon has bee...
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Just a note that this addon has been tested on the WoD beta and appears to require no changes beyond changing its interface number to make it up to date. That will happen with the 6.0 pre-patch. A WoD-specific version will not be uploaded until then unless there's any demand.
File: Avant UI09-26-14
Re: Wide Target
Posted By: Gello
Would it be possible to get compatibility with the Wide Target addon? It doesn't make the extended texture of that addon dark Already mentioned on the other addon, but mentioning it here so Avant doesn't need to do anything: I'll hook securefunc(TargetFrame.borderText...
File: Wide Target09-26-14
Re: Avant UI
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Would it be possible to get compatibility with Avant UI? It doesn't make the extended texture of this addon dark Sure. It's just a couple lines of code. Out of curiosity, how do you tell a regular elite vs a rare(silver) elite with that addon?
File: Mouseover Out of Range Pointer - WoD Beta09-23-14
Re: dead units?
Posted By: Gello
first of all thanks for this amazing addon! thankful for it every single raid :D I was wondering: is it possible to track dead units? :-) Yeah it tracks dead units. Specifically, if they're an unreleased corpse it will point to the corpse. I need to verify this, but I believe once they release and they're in ghost form, i...
File: Rematch - WoD Beta09-18-14
Last night's build changed how petI...
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Last night's build changed how petIDs are formatted (again) so the previous versions will throw an error when you login (if you have a leveling queue) or you open the window. This update (3.0.12) should fix that. While I'm here, how attached are you guys to the contents of your leveling queue when the patch day happens? Ther...
File: TinyPad - WoD Beta09-13-14
Re: Not keeping notes
Posted By: Gello
As subject says it is not keeping notes. Switched from one toon to another, came back to check on a coord I put in and was gone. I do absolutely love this addon and glad it is getting a WOD update. :) Woops. Is this consistent behavior? As in, you can't get any pages to save? What about with a /reload? Or was this a one-time/rar...
File: TinyPad09-12-14
The original code for TinyPad was w...
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The original code for TinyPad was written in 2005 and it remained relatively unchanged throughout the years. This update is a long-overdue rewrite using more modern methods. That said, on the outside, very little will appear to have changed. The UI is (mostly) the same and there are no new substantial features, beyond more natural...
File: Rematch - WoD Beta09-01-14
Thanks! I haven't had a lot of tim...
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Thanks! I haven't had a lot of time to spend in the beta so getting it run through its paces as much as possible would be a big help. The idea of flagging some pets for another purpose is an interesting idea. Can flag pets as "alternate favorites" and have them sort after favorites or filter by them. I think making a queue-like...
File: Select - WoD Beta08-29-14
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Any sharp-eyed users may notice the version number jumped from 2.2.0 on the last update to 2.3.0 with this update. In getting Select to work for WoD I realized there was lots of redundancies and inconsistent ways of doing things. (To be fair, when 2.x was started I wasn't 100% positive what the addon set out to do was possible; a...
File: Rematch08-20-14
Yeah it is the intended behavior fo...
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Yeah it is the intended behavior for auto show to not show the window if the team is already loaded. The show on injured setting will show the window if any pets are below 90% life, regardless of the auto show setting. I can bump that up to 100%. If any pets in a loaded team are dead, the window will show regardless of either...
File: Rematch08-15-14
Re: latest versions
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1. I'll add an option for popups to appear to the side when expanded (it should appear above or below when collapsed). 2. Hmm I'll consider making them a little wider but I can't double the width without shuffling stuff around. For instance in the pets tab it would make the search box very short and the button beside the leveling s...
File: Rematch08-14-14
Re: 3.0.8
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Got a problem here: I couldn't change any current teams directly. For instance, if I click a existing team and it's loaded. And I change one pet in the team, then hit SAVE, it does not save as the original tamer's name. I have to retype the tamer's name and save. Or I can always target the tamer when I save a team for him. Eithe...
File: Rematch08-10-14
Great Addon, is there a way to 'Aut...
Posted By: Gello
Great Addon, is there a way to 'Auto Rotate' even if the current pet lost/died in the last battle ? Aww, give the little guy another chance. You can try changing if newLevelingPetLevel > rematch.lastLevelingPetLevel then to: if true then I recommend unchecking "Keep current pet on new sort" if it's checked. I can't think...
File: Rematch08-07-14
Posted By: Gello
The update posted today (3.0.6) will work on both the live and WoD beta client. Instead of concurrently working on two versions of the addon, the plan is to work on just this one version that supports both until WoD launches when I'll go through and remove the MoP-specific stuff. Happily, all teams seemed to survive totally new p...
File: Rematch08-05-14
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A minor note on the "Always Show or Load" option in 3.0.4 posted today: There was a minor change made (with or without this option) so that the addon would again offer to load (or auto load) a team if you had loaded an entirely different team in the meantime. The upshot is that targeting a team, loading, changing teams, and targetin...
File: Rematch08-01-14
Re: 3.0.2
Posted By: Gello
Really like the rewriten UI, but I have a small problem with the "default" window (the one from the 2nd screenshot, showing your pets and the button bar with 'Revive Battle Pets', etc.): It keeps popping up after each battle (Wild, Tamers, didn't get to check on PVP yet - happens with all other addons disabled, fresh user data), w...
File: Flyout Bindings07-31-14
And Gello strikes again. :) Nice o...
Posted By: Gello
And Gello strikes again. :) Nice one. Thanks! :D
File: Rematch07-28-14
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This update (3.0) is a near-total rewrite of the addon, especially the UI bits. If you're the type that doesn't like betas, you may want to wait an update or two. As 2.x grew and grew, the UI was starting to look ugly with the sprawl. I'm also not a fan of the way windows flipped around to keep the browser from overlapping the ma...
File: Modified Modifier (ModMod)07-26-14
This addon is amazing, can't believ...
Posted By: Gello
This addon is amazing, can't believe this is the only addon I can find with this functionality. Is there a way to make a version with two modmod buttons? Then I could use both mouse buttons as mods, that would be amazing. Thank you so much for this addon hope I can keep using it into Warlords. :banana: Thanks! Two modmod key...
File: Select07-07-14
Re: Missing Pets
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For some reason most TCG items wont show up on the macro when I make them. I tried using the pet name, spell id, and several other things. /select Dragon Kite, Ethereal Soul-Trader, Deathy, Grunty, Bananas, Brilliant Kaliri, Lil' XT, Mojo, Proto-Drake Whelp, Teldrassil Sproutling, /click S20:M;S20:A When I click the icon the D...
File: Rematch06-18-14
Re: Re: 2.4.8
Posted By: Gello
I have 2 problems with the current version: 1. When switching skills of pets in the original pet window while rematch is open in the background it closes blizzards window after switching the skill. (my window options are -> 4 Lock slide window, 5 use side pannel, 7 close pet window). That's the close pet journal option doing tha...
File: Rematch06-16-14
Posted By: Gello
A note on 2.4.8 just posted: I added an 'Only Tradeable' option because it was trivial to do (like 15 minutes tops), and I see it mentioned now and then. I do intend to have more complete filters. Like "Not Tradable" "Duplicates" and such. Let me know if there are any others that would be handy. 99.99% of my time on this addon...
File: Rematch06-04-14
Re: Feature request
Posted By: Gello
I love this addon, thank you very much for taking the time to put it all together and to keep it updated! Would it be possible to add some sort of text/note function that would allow you to record and retrieve notes about a particular Tamer, pet, or power? I'm lazy when it comes to alt-tabbing, and my memory's crap, so, I thought...