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File: SpartanUI09-06-12
Well I have the latest bartender an...
Posted By: hobbeboy
Well I have the latest bartender and no ouf. Since all the artwork dissapears from sui I really think its more releated to the update, "Change Log: New: SpartanUI will hide when in pet battles." Before I installed the new sui if blizzard vehicle ui was active sui was always visible in the background. Now its completly empty.
File: SpartanUI09-04-12
Vehicle bar
Posted By: hobbeboy
Well something is seriusly messing with my bars when I enter a vehicle. Usualy I had the "use blizzard ui" option unchecked in bartender and everything worked fine. Well if I leave that unchecked now every bar is gone. So I checked the box again and got blizzard default vehicle ui. Problem is that with blizzard default I dont hav...
File: SpartanUI08-04-12
Tested it on mop beta. Works like...
Posted By: hobbeboy
Tested it on mop beta. Works like a charm. I play warlock and didnt have any trouble at all with any bars. I have downloaded the mop updated bartender and updated ouf dont know if that helps though. Spincam works as it should, dont know about the film effects though since frankly I have never noticed them at all.
File: SpartanUI07-18-12
/Sui party Type that and move th...
Posted By: hobbeboy
/Sui party Type that and move the party frame to wherever you want it.
File: SpartanUI07-06-12
If you want another chat frame you...
Posted By: hobbeboy
If you want another chat frame you can download Spartan UI from http://www.healbot.info/ It's close to original just updated when blizzard has added som new functions. Well now on to my question. Anyone trying to update this to work on Mist of Pandaria yet? Would REALLY dislike having to stop using spartan ui cause noone update...