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File: SellFish04-06-07
Originally posted by domagotchi h...
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Originally posted by domagotchi hi there, Im going to test sellfish.......using colalight right now. PS: could u pls tell me what addon that is in your screens, that is translating the item stats into percentage ?? thanks RatingBuster http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5819-RatingBuster.html
File: SimpleCombatLog06-18-06
The past two nights, while using 0....
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The past two nights, while using 0.6.0, my wow seemed to randomly crash while in combat. It happened about 10 times, each time i was always in combat, then it would just lock up, and if i was lucky, it would give me an error. Sometimes it caused my entire computer to freeze. Once i turned off scl, it no longer caused any crashes. I'm...