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File: Raven10-02-13
Cant move the frames?
Posted By: Mansell
Hey I love the addon but for some reason it wont let me move the groups of buffs/ debuffs, When I try to move them it just goes back to the original position after I let go of the left mouse button? How can i stop it doing this as i cannot possibly use this addon if I cant move the trackers?
File: bUnitFrames07-12-12
...just replace self.aura.size =...
Posted By: Mansell
...just replace self.aura.size = ((self:GetWidth()/6)-gap > 20) and (self:GetWidth()/6)-gap or ((self:GetWidth()/3)-gap > 20) and (self:GetWidth()/4)-gap or (self:GetWidth()/3)-gap to self.aura.size = 16 It worked :D Thanks <3
File: PortraitTimers07-11-12
Is there any way to make this like,...
Posted By: Mansell
Is there any way to make this like, detachable from the portraits? I know this would ruin the idea of it but i kinda need it, if there is any other addon that already dose this i would be happy if you told me what it is :l
File: bUnitFrames07-11-12
Hi there just change self.aura.size...
Posted By: Mansell
Hi there just change self.aura.size in function 'template' Erm, If i ctrl+f Self.aura.size, i get this, if (self.unit == 'target' or self.unit == 'focus') and not self.raidbutton then self.aura = self.aura or CreateFrame('Frame', fname..'auraFrame', self) self.aura:SetSize(self:GetWidth(), 0) self.aura.size = ((self:G...