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File: ForteXorcist07-20-12
bug: holy word: serenity
Posted By: Alexon88
Hello, when I cast holy word: serenity there appear two casting bars: (1) holy word: chastice 7seconds (2) holy word: serenity 7seconds holy word: chastice actually is another spell... I don't know where the bug is, but here is what I know about those two spells: They are being activated on the same button/hotkey but appear in dif...
File: CoolLine07-20-12
Missing Spell
Posted By: Alexon88
Hi, realy great addon helps having the overview without taking alot of space! I don't know why, but the "holy word" spells are not displayed in the coolline. I think they would very much help every holy priest. Because one has a 7 second cooldown! the other one a 28s cd. Exact names: Holy word: Serenity, 10s cooldown, 7s with s...