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File: ShestakUI_OzEdit10-20-14
Re: Update
Posted By: Medusa
Hi mate! First of all, thank you for this lovely UI. I've been using it for years! Are you planning on updating it for 6.0.2? I have a really hard time playing without it. Have a nice day. Best regards Unfortunately, I have no internet connection at the moment on my PC: I expect to be able to update the UI for the expansio...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit07-11-14
Re: Dual Spec
Posted By: Medusa
Could you tell me if there is an easy way to dual spec with this UI like you can with Bartender? I'm disc/shadow priest and I want different binds for each spec and for it to switch to them (or even clicking a button to switch bars) when I change specs. Also, is there a way to disable paging on bars when I enter shadow form? Wi...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit05-08-14
Re: Same problem here :/
Posted By: Medusa
Hello, have the same problem. Using Version 1.4.4 Tried ten times with clean install. http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3616/fxu7k9t8_jpg.htm Fixed with the 1.4.5: thank you!
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit05-07-14
Re: /cfg bug
Posted By: Medusa
Everytime i type /cfg I get a lua error and the config screen is black. The only things I added to the package are Auctioneer suite, Random Companion, DBM, and Skada. I tried loading just Shestak and I get the same lua error and black config screen. Any ideas? Which version are you using? Are you tried with a clean install?...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit04-02-14
Posted By: Medusa
When I load up DBM with this UI it tells me that it wants to use the settings, but when I click Accept I just get an Lua error and it doesn't set it up correctly. ... Any ideas? Have you tried with a clean install?
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit03-06-14
Re: Profiles
Posted By: Medusa
I would like to be able to copy a profile from one character to another. Is this possible? Have not seen an option to do this as yet :) Great compilation! Take a look @ ShestakUI\Config\Profiles.lua
File: oUF Mu02-14-14
Nice layout, clean and good-looking...
Posted By: Medusa
Nice layout, clean and good-looking: congratulations! I know that this layout is PvE-focused and that you did not plan to add new features, but I think that arena unit frames (even if they were simple frames without a lot a features) would make it very complete. It's just a suggestion, nothing else: keep up your amazing work an...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit02-07-14
Re: Bags.
Posted By: Medusa
Hello. First of all, this UI is so Epic. Clean and usefull. I so fackin' love it. But one small question, can I some how move the "bank bags"? I can move it by holding down shift and drag it to where i want it. But when i log out and then in again, the Bank Bags has gone back to the earlier possision. Thank you, I'm glad you...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit01-09-14
Posted By: Medusa
http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3497/afxfkhm2_jpg.htm I need help ! i use shestak OZ and additionally installed cargBags_nivaya ... but this is what it looks like now ... in addition the gold problem ... plx help me http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3497/afxfkhm2_jpg.htm I don't use cargBags_Nivaya , I'm sorry. Tak...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit10-15-13
UI updated. EDIT: patch 5.4.2 (1...
Posted By: Medusa
UI updated. EDIT: patch 5.4.2 (17688) - december 12, 2013.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit10-10-13
Is it possible to get an option in...
Posted By: Medusa
Is it possible to get an option in a future update to have dispellable debuffs only option on party frames? I am sick of using decursive. Great work by the way!:banana::banana: At the moment, I do not plan to add any other feature in a future, I'm sorry.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-23-13
hey there i have a question :) the...
Posted By: Medusa
hey there i have a question :) the ui says in my chat that its out of date :p is there anyway i can fix this or should i wait for you to update thx in advance sorry to bother you :) Updated right now.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-18-13
EDIT: Nevermind. Had to select the...
Posted By: Medusa
EDIT: Nevermind. Had to select the "show hp as XXX/Total" option, reload UI, then turn it off and it worked. Weird. Thanks anyway! Everything else works like a charm. Oki ;)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-18-13
...I would prefer to see the boss h...
Posted By: Medusa
...I would prefer to see the boss hp as either just 100% or 1m - 100%... And that's exactly what UF does, except that at full health you don't see 100%, that's all. FULL HP http://i.imgur.com/8vTkZsG.png WOUNDED http://i.imgur.com/G6DHtkt.png ...I just want the %, since it's nice to see % to know when new phases are h...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-17-13
Hey, just wanted to ask a quick que...
Posted By: Medusa
Hey, just wanted to ask a quick question, searched through every post and it wasn't asked/answered. How can I change my unit frame and target's unit frame to show percent (%) hp instead of numerical? For example I want to see my HP on the right of my Unit Frame as 100% instead of 500000; same with the target. Thanks a lot and keep...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-16-13
hey there sorry to bother you but i...
Posted By: Medusa
hey there sorry to bother you but i did right click on the exp data tekst and now its gone is there a way to get it back thx in advance It's not gone, it's changed to display other data texts: just right click again until the XP module is back. :)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-12-13
hey there it worked any chance ther...
Posted By: Medusa
hey there it worked any chance there is going to be an update for 5.4 ;) thx in advance Yes, it'll be soon released.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-02-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: moving blizzard frame
Posted By: Medusa
...the real id frame Open ShestakUI\Config\Positions.lua and change this position: = {"BOTTOMRIGHT", UIParent, "BOTTOMRIGHT", -21, 157}, -- BattleNet popup If you don't know how to do it, follow the guidelines written in the F.A.Q. on the main page.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit09-01-13
Re: moving blizzard frame
Posted By: Medusa
hi is there any way i can move the blizzard frame ? :confused: i can't find any way to do it thx Which frame?
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit08-26-13
will your edit up to date in the ne...
Posted By: Medusa
will your edit up to date in the next expansions? Yes.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit07-15-13
Re: hi
Posted By: Medusa
hi, I have some problems to configure this ui as i want, I'm italian aswell, i would like to ask you if we can speak in-game so i can get all my problems solved. TY :-) Sure! Contact me in-game. EU Realm --> Pozzo dell'Eternit Character --> Medusa (or Oz)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit07-04-13
I have two tooltip link hovers from...
Posted By: Medusa
I have two tooltip link hovers from chat, and i dont know how to turn 1 of them off and its driving me nuts! http://oi40.tinypic.com/2ly623n.jpg the one with the white boarder (the first/one in front) is from the ui, but the other one (behind the first one) with the blue boarder, bigger scale, and uglier is like a blizzard defau...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit06-27-13
i love dat -> http://s.cdn.wowinter...
Posted By: Medusa
i love dat -> http://s.cdn.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw60446.jpg how can i change the ui to this? Hehe, I have been inspired by SnailUI! I'm not at my computer right now, I hope I do not forget anything! First of all, do you need a couple of AddOns not included in my UI package: Deadly Boss Mods and TinyDPS. The fastes...
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit06-20-13
my bad, I was thinking the smaller...
Posted By: Medusa
my bad, I was thinking the smaller icons/timers were ozcd, and the larger ones above were filger.. new question - any possibility of getting a directional arrow on the selected player's raid frame? Atm I don't plan to add this kind of option, sorry.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit06-18-13
Re: turn off ozcd
Posted By: Medusa
How do I turn off the OZCD ? OZCD? There is no OZCD (you're referring to OzCooldowns?). In this UI, I think you mean ShestakUI Filger: if you know how to edit the lua files then check here, otherwise just not load that AddOn.