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File: oUF_Diablo10-08-12
Not showing up for my Monk.
Posted By: campollia
i just recently enabled this addon on my Monk, and it's not showing up. Any help?
File: oUF_Diablo07-31-12
Re: Re: it's invisible
Posted By: campollia
Curse installed you D3_LightOrbs or the like. Make sure you backup your AddOns and then delete them. Clean your SavedVariables folder in the WTF folder aswell. Install fresh and enable LUA error messages in the interface settings (under help/others) thereafter. Type in /reload and check if you get any lua errors. okay, i got th...
File: oUF_Diablo07-30-12
it's invisible
Posted By: campollia
i think i have the same problem someone else had. Curse wants to keep downloading that stupid addon from their website when i install it. it was working great before, and now it's invisible. i uninstalled the addon curse wanted to download, and i reinstalled this one, still no luck. the files are there, the addon shows up when i try...