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File: RealUI10-04-12
missing buffs
Posted By: Novaris
my current realui doesnt display any buffs, i don't even see the ones that are suppose to appear in the top right corner
File: RealUI09-29-12
bar moving
Posted By: Novaris
Hey so while playing around with the controls I stumbled onto an option that allowed me to move the action bars around to better positions except I have no idea how I got there and I cannot for the life of me retrace my step back to find that option. If someone could point me in the right direction for it that'll be great! thanks!
File: RealUI09-09-12
Missing rogue bars and counters?
Posted By: Novaris
so after i got my update some of the more important bars and counters and especially the buffs aren't being displayed here's a quick snapshot of what im talking about: http://imgur.com/FrPuW so just a quick question of what i can do to make it function well again. I play a rogue btw.