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File: Broker_Everything (MoP Beta)08-29-12
Re: Re: Error attempt to call global in guild.lua
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2x Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:89: attempt to call global "TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue" (a nil value) Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:89: in function Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:182: in function
File: SmartRes207-24-10
Re: Re: Bar length
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Originally posted by myrroddin Did you try using the Scale option? I may add user definable length and height at a later point. For now, there is only Scale. If I use the scale to make the bars a reasonable length, they become very thin and the text is unreadable. I would love to be able to have the bars at maybe 1-2 inches lon...
File: SmartRes207-19-10
Bar length
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My bars a quite long, and I don't see a way top make them shorter. Am I missing something?
File: DoTimer01-25-09
Woot! Thanks for working so hard on...
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Woot! Thanks for working so hard on this when youre not 100% yourself. Is it possible to add a scroll of some kind to the Timers>Texture>Shard Media list? I guess I have too much, and the first part of the alphabetical list is off the screen.
File: TourGuide - The Lunar Festival01-24-09
Well Im frustrated I cant figure ou...
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Well Im frustrated I cant figure out how to get these guides to show up. I have tried several things, but to no avail. Any info would be appreciated.
File: DoTimer11-12-08
So glad you are back - I hope you a...
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So glad you are back - I hope you are feeling better Asheyla. Thanks for all the excellent updates. I am having notifications trouble. I want a notification timer to tell me when my mana is below a certain percent. I create a new Misc>Mana notification, named Low Mana with a message of Low Mana, type Timer. I enter -90% into th...
File: DoTimer10-18-08
Originally posted by Raederle Mov...
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Originally posted by Raederle Move along. Nothing to see here. These are not the questions (already answered in prior pages) you are looking for. Thanks, Raederle =) Thanks - I looked back 10 pages and didnt find anything - can you point me in the right direction please?
File: DoTimer10-18-08
Love DoTimer - thanks for keeping i...
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Love DoTimer - thanks for keeping it going! I used to have the target's name on the timer bar, and I turned off the yellow name text that was outside the bars. I cant seem to get this to work now. I tried %t&:%d but I see from the tooltip text that perhaps the only tags are %s and %d. Is there any way to get the target name on...