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File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-27-13
Raid Frames?
Posted By: Psievolyoux3
Hello, I've been using this ui for quite some time (I love it!) but just started healing on my holy pally. I downloaded vuhdo and got it configured, but I do have one question. I was told that vuhdo/healbot would replace my normal raid frames but when I go into a raid (like lfr or something) the roth ui raid frames are still vi...
File: MayronUI Gen312-25-13
A little confused..
Posted By: Psievolyoux3
I downloaded this ui because it gives me the perfect visual set up for healing, but I have a couple of questions/concerns.. First; I run with a mouse, so when I'm in a party or raid I hold down both keys to move. The only issue this is causing is that it keeps moving my raid frames. Instead of moving, I fling my party members all...