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File: ShinyBuffs08-30-12
Beezle: Can I get more information...
Posted By: Beezle
Beezle: Can I get more information from you? When you say "join an instance", do you mean a random dungeon with the dungeon finder? Do the buffs move back as soon as you enter the instance and finish zoning or when someone buffs you? Are you consolidating your buffs? If it's easy to test, does the same thing occur with only...
File: ShinyBuffs08-29-12
I forgot to note that I had limited...
Posted By: Beezle
I forgot to note that I had limited testing since I didn't have a chance (time, was on laptop, etc) to do instances on the beta. Things will be tested and fixed up as we go. :) Thank you very much for the speedy reply and I look forward to checking out the new version!
File: ShinyBuffs08-28-12
ShinyBuffs v1.0.2 for v5.0.3
Posted By: Beezle
Seerah, thank you for all your effort and hard work. I'm using ShinyBuffs v1.0.2 and I can move the buffs down slightly with the anchor but the moment I join an instance the buff window moves back to default position. Once I've completed the instance, it moves back to where I positioned it. I would love to continue to use ShinyB...